I have installed SSTG1Pro, but it does not recognize the dongle key.
When start up SSTG1Pro, the message “A dongle is not found.” appears.

Please download and install the dongle driver from our HP.

1. Go to the Download page from here and click the “Download” button.

2. The dongle driver (Sentinel System Driver Installer X.X.X) will be downloaded.

*Please do not insert a dongle key during installation.

3. Double click on the downloaded dongle driver (Sentinel System Driver Installer X.X.X), and installation will start.
Follow the instructions to install.

If installing the dongle driver does not fix it …

1) (Windows10) Right-click the Windows logo at the bottom left of the desktop. ⇒ Click on the “Apps & features”.
(Windows 7, 8.1) Click [Control Panel] – [Programs and features]

2) (Windows10) Click “Sentinel System Driver Installer X.X.X” from the function list and click “Change”.
(Windows 7, 8.1) Right-click “Sentinel System Driver Installer X.X.X”. ⇒ Click “Change”.

3) Click “Next”.

4) Select “Modify” and click “Next”.

5) If “Parallel Driver” is assigned to “This feature will not be avaiable”, click on ▼ and select “This feature will be installed on local hard drive.”

6) Click “Next”.

7) Click “Install”.

8) Click “Finish”.

9) Restart PC.