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SSTG1Pro is a software application for creating and editing subtitle data including text, timing and effect. It is used widely from freelance translators to major Productions.

Using only one interface to do various tasks like spotting, subtitling, and applying special effects, Italics, font, positioning, putting ruby alongside Chinese characters, emphasized marks “Bouten”, etc., and then confirming your data on the screen as subtitles, you are able to create a very high level screen translation by using SSTG1Pro.
Because the data files are so small, they can be sent by email.
If you use other optional functions, you may be able to transform the data into various data formats including DVD subtitle (Tiff), Blu-ray subtitle (PNG), DCP (XML), Advanced Authoring Format (aaf), etc.
Also, you can transform the data into Lambda CAP or NETFLIX CAP.



SSTG1Pro New purchase ¥300,000
SSTG1Pro Annual Maintenance fee Support in English ¥44,800
Support in Japanese ¥34,800
free for the first year

Our support service in English for SSTG1Pro is e-mail based, and we reply your e-mail within the business hours. Please note that the support fee in English will come up just after you purchase it.

Options Price List


Edit Functions
  • Type/Delete Subtitle Text
  • Spotting
  • Dual subtitle tracks
  • Reassign Subtitle Number
  • Character effects (Ruby, Italic, Vertical text, and Boten)
  • Display position/Line configuration settings
  • Multiple activation
  • Advansed search functions (search A&B tracks, search comments)
  • Sdb search (search all .sdb files in a folder)
  • Pitch adjustment
  • Data Check for NETFLIX
  • Final Check
  • Import Review List (.xls)
  • Import Script (.txt)
  • Import SST Project File (for .sdb file integrated use)
  • Save as project file (.sdb)
  • Export Review List (.xls / .txt)
  • Export CAST
  • Export srt (SubRip Text)
  • Export NAB file for use in broadcast subtitle creation software
  • Export Adobe Encore Format
  • Export Apple DVD Studio Pro Format
  • Export Avid Sub Cap Format
  • Export Blu-ray CANVASs Sirius Blu Format
  • Export iTT file (iTunes Timed Text profile)
  • Export Web VTT
Edit Option
*paid option
  • Font/Edge Type, Size, and Color
  • Kerning and Leading Adjustment
  • Set formats by string search
  • Free positioning of text
  • Fade-in & Fade-out
  • Mask
Data Import 
*paid option
Format File extension
Videotron .txt/.jxw +.evt/.evn/.eve /
Lambda .cap
Screen Subtitling Systems .pac
EBU .stl
CAST .cast
SubRip Text .srt
Data Export 
*paid option
Format File extension
Videotron .txt/.jxw +.evt/.evn/.eve /
Lambda / NETFLIX CAP .cap
Screen Subtitling Systems .pac
iTunes (Ruby and Vertical Extensions) .itt
DVD SONIC(Scenarist) .tif+.sst/.son
DVD Panasonic .tif+.nav/.spinfo
Blu-ray SONIC(Scenarist) .png+.xml
Blu-ray Panasonic .png+.spi
EBU .stl
DV2000 .usf/.scr+.uyc
CANVASs Open Subtitle file format .txt+.tif
AAF(Finalcut Pro7/Premiere Pro/EDIUS/Avid Media Composer) .aaf+.tif/.png
DLP Cinema Ver1.1 (Texas Instruments/Interop) .xml/.xml+png
Digital Cinema Distribution Master – Subtitle(SMTPE ST428-7) .xml/.xml+png
IMSC1.1(TTML2) (compliant with W3C / Netflix / Disney+) .xml/.ttml
video format
  • MOV(h.264, AAC) * New playback mode only
  • MP4(h.264, AAC) * New playback mode only
  • MPEG1
  • WMV * SSTG1 mode only

System Requirements

  New playback mode SSTG1 mode
OS Windows 8.1/10/11(English/Japanese)
* Not compatible with Mac OS/ARM-based Windows.
Windows 8.1/10/11(English/Japanese)
* Not compatible with Mac OS/ARM-based Windows.
Display Resolution of at least 1366×768 Resolution of at least 1024 x 768
CPU At least Intel Core i5 (*1) At least Intel Core 2 Duo
HDD free space At least 10GB At least 2GB
* A storage area for materials such as video is necessary apart from this.
Memory At least 4GB
At least 8GB for Windows10
At least 4GB
At least 8GB for Windows10
  • * Import/Export Review List features require Microsoft Excel.
  • * Please avoid using a PC with a TV tuner card.
  • * Please avoid using a PC which is not available to perform a clean install of OS.
  • * Please avoid using the following security software.
    ・Virus Security
    ・Virus Security ZERO
    ・FLET’S Virus Clear
  • * Please avoid using a PC with switchable graphics.
  • * Operating guarantees are exempted from OS other than Japanese or English.

To customers who are considering a new PC purchase

We recommend you to purchase a PC with specifications compatible with the new playback mode.

Supported Video Formats

Video files supported with SSTG1Pro

Video file codec example recommended for playback on SSTG1Pro

1 Width * Height 352×240
2 Frame rate 29.97fps / 23.98fps / 25.00fps / 24.00fps
3 Display aspect ratio 4:3
4 Bit rate 1000~1150kbps
5 Bit rate mode CBR
6 Codec mpeg1-Layer2
7 Bit rate 224kbps
8 Bit rate mode CBR
1 Codec h.264
2 Width * Height 720×480(4:3)、720×409(16:9)~1280×720
3 Frame rate 29.97fps / 23.98fps / 25.00fps / 24.00fps
4 Display aspect ratio 4:3 / 16:9
5 Pixel aspect ratio 1:0.9(In case the display aspect ratio is 4:3)
1:1 (In case the display aspect ratio is 16:9)
6 Bit rate 1Mbps~3Mbps
7 Bit rate mpde CBR
8 Codec AAC
9 Bit rate 128kbps~224kbps
10 Bit rate CBR

It is not available to open commercial-release DVD / Blu-ray video with SSTG1Pro.


1.Open an image file

2.Spot on the Waveform | 3.Edit subtitles | 4.Preview

5. Save as a project file(.sdb)

6.Export to various data formats

Operation Manual



Please contact us from the inquiry form.

Contact Us

About SSTG1Pro

SSTG1Pro is the software to create subtitle files. To create video files with subtitles, you need to import the subtitle files to video editing software such as Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and EDIUS etc to mix.
To export subtitle files for use of other software, you will need to purchase options.
Please let us know your uses for the subtitle files, or which video editing software you are using, so that I will be able to understand about your situation.

Dongle Shipping

You can download the product installer from our website, but it needs the USB key (Dongle) to start the software.
We will send it by EMS. Postage is paid by the customers.

Payment method

In case of purchase it from abroad, please pay in advance in Japanese yen by bank transfer. Also, please burden bank transfer fee at your expense.

Please contact us.